Care guide

ComfortPlus™, Sunergy™ & Energy Advantage Low E™ have a very thin coating on the interior glass surface which cleans differently to ordinary glass. The following guidelines are recommended for the best hand cleaning results.

General cleaning

Hand cleaning of the coated (interior) surface of ComfortPlus™ , Sunergy™ & Energy Advantage Low E™, to visibly remove accumulated dust or fingerprints can be accomplished by using a number of different glass cleaning products. The exterior surface of the glass is not coated, so can be cleaned in the same fashion as ordinary glass.

Recommended general cleaning products

Windex® Glass & Surface (clear liquid, not blue, available from supermarkets), manufactured by S.C. Johnson & Son.

  • A mixture of one part vinegar with ten parts clean water.
  • In addition to the above products, commercially available vinegar-based glass cleaners have generally demonstrated an ability to provide a clean, streak-free glass surface.
  • We do not recommend the use of ammonia-based or alcohol-based glass cleaners, due to these products leaving visible streaks.