Glass Splashbacks Melbourne

Glass Splashbacks are the definitive answer to Cleanliness, Hygiene and Style in wet and dirty areas.

They have an important and practical purpose in the kitchen, bathroom and laundries.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of stylish Glass Splashbacks in Melbourne? Then you've come to the right place. With over 30 years experience you know you'll receive  a friendly and professional service from us.

Come into our Melbourne showroom and inspect our impressive range of Glass Spalashbacks. We are located in Tullamarine near the aiport. However, we do service the whole of the Melbourne area and in fact the whole of Austrlalia. If you can't make it into our showroom then call us and we'll work through the details.

They provide protection against water damage as well as protection against food stains in your cooking area. In addition Glass Splashbacks provide the opportunity for a truly stunning finish to complement your kitchen or bathroom design.

Glass splashbacks in the kitchen are traditionally installed behind the sink and grill, although they are often installed around the whole kitchen bench area.

Designed to cope with the daily dose of oil, grease, or any other number of cooking splatters that may find their way out of the saucepan or frying pan.

As well as keeping the area looking nice, a kitchen wall Galss Splashback will also protect against water damage from the sink. They provide a simple, wipe-clean surface, keeping your kitchen looking spotless.

Glass Splashbacks are used to create an eye-catching design feature.  Our range of standard, and made to measure Glass Splashbacks come in a variety of colours and designs.

We can customise Glass Splashbacks for your kitchen so that it fits perfectly. This will offer you maximum protection as every nook and cranny will be covered.

Glass Splashbacks are not limited to the kitchen. They are also used in the bathroom to protest against water damage. Use them around your bath, shower, or behind your hand wash sink.

In fact, why stop there? A Glass Splashback can make a stunning substitute for tiling within bathroom. Get creative and cover complete bathroom walls  or create a feature in the dining area.

Glass Splashbacks can be manufactured with a minimum number of  panels to fit a particular space. This reduces the number of joints, which are often the most difficult areas to clean. Compare this to tiling and the benefits become clear. There is no longer a need to clean the grouting between tiles.

Your Melbourne Glass Splashback specialist is hear.