Bifold Patio Doors

Give your home a wonderful sense of versatility and space with our stunning range of bifold patio doors.

If you enjoy entertaining friends on your patio, then you know how annoying regular doors can be – having to open and close them when you’re trying to serve food and drinks can be frustrating. And when you’re stuck inside working in the kitchen or tending the bar, you can feel a bit shut out.

Our bifold patio doors make all these problems disappear. Lending an easy free-flowing sense of openness to your home, bi-fold patio doors make the most of your available space, seamlessly blending your interior and exterior and bringing the outdoors right into your home.

Our range of bi-fold patio doors fold back in a concertina fashion. This means ‘dead areas’ are avoided and the entire space can be opened up to use as you see fit. If you choose to open them all the way across the room, the doors simply fold neatly against the wall, well out of the way.

Even when they’re closed, bifold patio doors will transform your living space, filling your home with sunshine in the winter months. Our modern designs have slender frames and fewer panels, which means more glass – so you can fully enjoy the view onto your garden or surrounds. No matter where you live, bifold patio doors will give your home a refreshing sense of space and light.
Smart, elegant and practical, bifold patio doors are a unique solution to contemporary living.

All of our bifold patio doors are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring maximum strength and durability – which means they not only look great, they’re also made to last. Energy efficient glass and double-glazing can also be used, making your bifold patio doors both economical and eco-friendly.

Whether you’re entertaining friends, pottering in the garden, spending some quality time with the kids or by yourself, bifold patio doors will transform your home and lifestyle.

We have everything you need in bifold patio doors and more. Come in to our Melbourne showroom today and see one of our friendly staff.

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